[45 Fonts] Flipfonts For Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Do you own a Samsung’s Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge? So by default, you will get only 4 or 5 Different Fonts and you will be bored using that font for a long time. then here we are posting about 45 Different Fonts only for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Devices.

Fonts Info:

True Type Flipfonts
Compatible with Touchwiz Android Marshmallow
Support for All Samsung Devices (Android 6.0 Platforms)

How to Install and Select Fonts:

First Download the font what you have liked from the above image

then copy the downloaded font file to your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge Device.

Now click install from your phone. after that go to your settings >> Display >> Fonts >>  Font Style  >> Select your Downloaded Font.

That’s it.

Download 45 Different Types of FlipFonts for Samsung Touchwiz Mobiles:

Apple Mac Garamond Reg.apk
Archer Hairline MT.apk
Bank Gothic LT.apk
Century Gothic.apk
Comic Sans.apk
Complex Regular.apk
Crazy Clown Chiller.apk
Curlz MT.apk
Dakota Regular.apk
Dejavu Sans.apk
Elegance Script.apk
Felix Tiltling.apk
Garamond Premiere BT.apk
Goudy Old Style.apk
Graffiti Modern-Benson.apk
Graffiti Mural-Defartist.apk
Graffiti Mural-Degrassi.apk
Graffiti Tags Xtreme.apk
Graffiti-187 CallDaCops.apk
Harlow 1960s Diner.apk
Lucida Typewriter Regular.apk
Lucidia Console Regular.apk
Matura Script Alibaba.apk
Monotype Corsiva.apk
Oregon Sans.apk
Papyrus Regular.apk
Parchant Kustoms.apk
Qarmic Sans.apk
Segoe UI Windows 8.apk
Suave Edwardian Script.apk
Suave Script.apk
Trebuchet MS.apk
Ubuntu Titling Bold.apk
Vodafone Lt.apk
Wild West Regular.apk

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